TF2 Notifications FAQ FAQ

Q. What is TF2 Notifications?

A. TF2 Notifications is an instant push notification service for Team Fortress 2 patches, item schema updates and blog posts.

Q. How does it work and how much does this cost?

A. It's completely free! The user installs Notifo, a free app that allows the user to subscribe to 'services' and receive instant push notifications from them. The TF2 Notifications service constantly monitors several sources of information and, if something is updated, sents out an alert to all subscribed users.

Q. What platforms are supported?


Q. How do I change my subscription settings?

A. Go to the home page and check the boxes for which updates you would like to be alerted for. If you've already signed up before this will change your subscription settings.

Q. How do I make mobile push alerts open up in my browser directly and not the Notifo application?

A. For the iOS app, open up the Notifo app, click the settings tab, choose 'Service Settings' - 'TF2 Updates' and and scroll down to 'Auto-Redirect Notifications'. Change this to 'Yes' and you're set.

Q. How do I unsubscribe from the Service?

A. Either uncheck all the boxes when you resubscribe on the home page or open up the service settings on the Notifo app and choose 'Unsubscribe' to stop recieving alerts.